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5 Foods to Stay Away From When Dieting

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Losing weight is difficult and the difficulty increases when one has to follow a certain diet regularly. But even when you have a diet plan charted out, it may happen that you consume some restricted foods, which has a negative impact on your goals. This may happen consciously or unconsciously but you must ensure to have enough knowledge about it so as not to make the same mistake.

Here we have detailed some foods and beverages that you need to stay away from seriously when you are trying to lose weight.

Avoid Sweetened and Caffeinated Beverages

Did you know that the jumbo sized fancy lattes and the sweet flavored coffees that one buys at the donut shops and gourmet coffee shops contains a huge amount of sugar, fat grams and calories? Experts’ opinions are divided over the topic of caffeine and its role in weight loss. Some of the experts believe that caffeine elements helps in boosting the metabolism which will help in lose more weight but another group of experts believe that the same caffeine elements stimulates the production of insulin when you consume it and thereby, doing more harm than good. The essential thing is that you do not really need caffeine in order to lose weight therefore, it is only sensible to keep away from caffeine most of the time.

Avoid Foods that Have High Sodium Content

Foods that contain high amount of sodium are harmful as it obstructs the weight loss process. Why? Sodium rich foods make your body retain water and when you body is bloated with water; it will show on the weighing scale numbers! The weight won’t go down as quickly as you want. Nutritionists recommend that the daily allowance of sodium content in food should not exceed 2400 milligrams. One of the easiest ways to reduce sodium content is to avoid adding extra salt in food. Another way is to read the sodium content prepackaged foods. You will be surprised to know the harm it causes with excessive amount of sodium!

Avoid Foods that Are Pre-Packaged

Though pre-packaged foods ‘supposedly’ make our life easier but it is the germinating point of several kinds of health problems; one of them being weight gain. The pre-packaged processed foods are not only bereft of essential health nutrients but also filled with simple carbohydrates, fats, sugar, sodium, and calories. They also contain preservatives. If your food habit is dependant on packaged foods, its time you got rid of them! They will make you unhealthy and soil whatsoever chances of losing weight. You must remember that real food comes from the Mother Nature and not from the manufacturer’s conveyor belt. No doubt, the packaged foods taste real good but you need to draw a limit somewhere. Eating them once every month or every few months is fine, but a daily or regular dose of processed foods should be a complete no – no!

Avoid the Consumption of Fatty Dairy Products

Up to a limit, the dairy products are beneficial for health. Dairy products contain fat and if you continue to have fatty dairy products like cheese, milk and yogurt, you are seriously sabotaging your own health, unknowingly. These days, the dairy products are available in two versions – the fatty ones and the low fat ones. Opt for the low fat version and remove a substantial amount of fat grams from your diet day – by – day.

Avoid the Consumption of Alcohol

Any kind of alcohol brand contains heavy amount of calories that can completely ruin any kind of weight loss motive you are aiming for. Doctors say that moderate amount of alcohol consumption is beneficial for the health but if you are trying to lose weight then its better to completely forego any alcohol. If you find this difficult, then the only way is to avoid getting into situations that demands or rather tempts alcohol consumption. For instance, refuse going to a friend’s or office party if there will be alcohol or cut out partying every night. Do anything that will aid you in reducing alcohol.

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