"Extreme Fat Burn System - The Final Solution To Your Weight Loss Woes..."

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Maren Mangold Lost 17kg

"I like my body and I just love buying new clothes. I like feeling the way I do now. I not only lost 11kg which I needed to lose but lost 17 kg which I think is amazing. My weight was never lighter for the last 20 years." Maren Mangold, 43 years old Mother of 3 daughters

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Knut Thorsland Lost 23kg

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Knut Estensen Lost 10kg

”Testament to the philosophy adopted by Physique Makeover and proof that their program works is that I have yet to experience seeing anyone else in the gym being so tired and exhausted as I feel and look when leaving the gym, soaked in sweat, out of breath and some times hardly able to walk straight. Needless to say I have lost 10 kilos, but more importantly I feel so much better about myself and I just couldn’t have done this without Physique Makeover’s training and coaching program”
Knut Estensen, 52 years old

Who Are We And Why Should You Listen To Us?

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...Because We've Been There Before!

Hi, my name is Han Ayden and my partner is Diana Sabrain.

Here’s the deal... For many years of our lives, we’ve been battling with obesity and have always tried out the latest weight loss solutions available out there.

But as usual, all the diets, pills, gadgets and exercise options out there left us with the same body shape every single time. And not the mention, burnt a hole in our pockets.

So we figured it’s time we put a stop to that once and for all!

We brainstormed for months on end basing from our years of trial and error, thinking of a foolproof system any frustrated exerciser/dieter can get substantial results from…

...and came out with the definitive solution and possibly…


21 Years Combined of Study, Research, Trial, Error and Experimentation

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Our system is a natural solution that works better than anything else in terms of effective weight loss.

What we have created is based on the combination of supportive nutrition and productive workouts that help ramp up your body’s metabolic furnace.

You might be asking what does it all mean?
It means your body will be burning fat 24/7, even while you are sleeping!

Sounds hypish - (yes), but backed and proven by SCIENCE.

Do Any Of The Following Sound Familiar?

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Excess fat around the waist and buttocks
Dieting that just doesn’t work long-term no matter how hard you try
- Lack of energy (especially in the afternoon and right after large meals)
- Lack of concentration or mental fatigue during the day
Health issues with high blood sugar, high cholesterol or high blood pressure

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then you may be suffering from metabolic imbalance.

Understand the consequences of metabolic imbalance.
It tells your body to store fat constantly
- It inhibits the body from releasing fat for energy
It tells the liver to make more cholesterol, leading to heart disease
- It causes salt retention
It contributes to High Blood Pressure, which can lead to heart failure.
- Speeds up your aging process, as more stress is placed on the body.

We’ve all seen a 34-year old looking 60 because of the biological stress.
It’s true.

How does this all happen to somebody? Well let me share with you this simple answer that will help change your life forever!

Think of your body as a machine, to get through the day your body gets its fuel from your stored fat.

If you exercise regularly and have a balanced diet your body will continue to burn what it needs for your daily energy. But happens when you don’t exercise or over eat?

The normal amount of fat is already burning but the excess fatty deposits begin building up around the body.

Extreme Fat Burn System has been specifically designed to address the root cause of this imbalance and when applied, the synergistic effects allow the body’s ability to burn body fat (what they call metabolism) to be supercharged!

Imagine Not Just Shedding Excess Body Fat But Keeping It Off!

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Extreme Fat Burn System dramatically heals the cause of fat gain, quickly reduces fat cells, and increases energy and that simply contributes to a healthier you!

Picture yourself looking and feeling good; having twice the energy and confidence!

Here are ‘some’ (of the infinite) benefits you will reap from this system:

- Sensible Diet and Nutrition plan (No Starvation)
- Hand picked Trainers for regular workouts (anywhere in Singapore)
Improve your health drastically and dramatically
- Optimize your fat burning mechanisms
Double your metabolic energy!
- Finally lose weight and keep it off
You will feel younger and more alert.
- You will be healed of insulin resistance
Fit into that old pair of jeans or that swimsuit.
- Only positive side-effects because it’s all NATURAL
The attitude and confidence you always wanted.

And most important SAVE MONEY by not having to spend on another weight loss program EVER!


Now your next step is to take massive action and contact us now for a trial session and a non-obligatory consultation.

Don’t hesitate, this might be your last chance to get results and finally achieve successful weight loss!

Sincerely, Your
Han Ayden & Diana Sabrain

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